Fardage Cage and powder coating

Could you be saving BIG money on your powder costs?

Polifluid technology adds to your existing Powder Coating System. Polifluid installations on Nordson, Wagner, and Gema powder coating systems have resulted in drastic powder coating application improvements and cost savings. 

  • Reduction of powder consumption 15%-30%
  • Consistent atomization regardless of temperature
  • Consistent atomization regardless  of moisture
  • Improved coverage per square foot
  • Eliminate clumping and dragging issues
  • +20% improved penetration in angles
  • Improved uniformity of thickness
  • Reduction of total air by 40%
  • Reduced overspray

Reduction of Faraday Cage Effect & Other Key Benefits

- Jimmy Walker

SAFTCART President

"The Polifluid Technology provides an even coating on all surfaces and corners and reduced our powder consumption by over 20%."

Powder Coating Technology


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PolifluidĀ® creates a pure nitrogen carrier from your compressed air. A completely clean and dry carrier which is then optimized for powder coating by temperature control and ionization.

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