PolifluidĀ® creates a pure nitrogen carrier from your compressed air. A completely clean and dry carrier which is then optimized for powder coating by temperature control and ionization.


Powder Coating Technology

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Fardage Cage and powder coating

"The Polifluid Technology provides an even coating on all surfaces and corners and reduced our powder consumption by over 20%."


Could you be saving BIG money on your powder costs?

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Polifluid System
  • Reduction of powder consumption 15%-30%
  • Improved coverage per square foot
  • Eliminate clumping and dragging issues
  • +20% improved penetration in angles
  • Improved uniformity of thickness
  • Reduction of total air by 40%
  • Reduced overspray
  • Consistent atomization regardless moisture
  • Consistent atomization regardless temperature

Reduction of Faraday Cage Effect & Other Key Benefits

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- Jimmy Walker

SAFTCART President

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